Meersseman: Mastermind or Snake Oil Salesman

Source: Leaders in Performance from Flickr

“Now, you listen here. He’s not the Messiah; he’s a very naughty boy. Now, go away!”
Life of Brian, 1979

“It is not accepted in evidence-based medicine but I don’t give a damn about that.”

That one statement makes all his grandiose claims about injury prevention and performance improvements highly suspect, especially when these claims haven’t been verified by any objective scientists or researchers nor have we been able to test or explore the methodology that they’re supposedly based on. For all I know, they could be completely made up. We are asked to take, on face value, claims that for the entire time Meersseman headed up the Milan Lab, the ‘lab’ achieved a 43% reduction in days off (presumably this means days off due to injury), and an 80% reduction in non-traumatic injuries (injuries that don’t arise from physical clashes). We are expected to simply accept the claims that the physical performance average of the players increased by 50%. Again, according to Meersseman, we are expected to believe without any opportunity to properly scrutinise the claims that AC Milan player injuries reduced by two-thirds while he headed the esteemed lab. No one seems to have asked what the hell some of these claims even mean or what the determining criteria such bold bragging is based on.

Source: Leaders in Performance from Flickr
Meersseman pictured centre. Note: Chiropractors love wearing white lab coats (Source: Twitter)

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